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  •  Currently serving District 20 on the Board of Representatives

  • 33-year resident of District 20

  • Parent of two former Northeast / TOR / Westhill students

  • Retired partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

  • Former President, Temple Beth El - Stamford

  • Nine years on Stamford's Personnel Commission

  • Hawaiian shirt fanatic and maple syrup producer!


Whether I’m meeting someone for the first time or talking to an old friend, I get the same two questions. “Why are you doing this?” “Are you enjoying it?” (And sometimes a third question – “Are you nuts?”)


I know exactly why I agreed to serve on the Board of Reps. It’s the same reason why I’ve spent most of my time volunteering ever since I retired. And it’s the same reason why we all do what we do – it’s because of my mother.


My father died when I was five. He left my mother with three little kids, not much in the bank, and a mortgage. Mom had to go out and create a new life for us and for herself. And did she ever! She launched a career helping people to find employment, rose to the top of her profession, became the International President of her professional association, and put the three of us through college. After she retired, she spent her time volunteering – leadership roles at her synagogue and in Hadassah, driving cancer patients to medical appointments, reading to kids in schools – and of course doting on her four grandchildren. She taught us many things, but one thing in particular – “get involved and stay involved.”


That’s why I’m doing this.  “Get involved and stay involved.”


And yes I’m enjoying serving on the Board of Reps! I like helping people to solve problems, from getting potholes filled to making the streets of North Stamford safer. I like the back-and-forth with my fellow Board members and convincing them to make decisions (like installing turf fields at Stamford High) that will improve the quality of life for us and for our children. And most of all, I like communicating directly with the residents of the 20th district about City government. Hopefully my efforts will convince others in government to leave their silos and put more effort into communicating with the people they represent.


If you want to learn the facts about me, you can read my resume – but a resume is just words on a page. For the real about me, just ask me about my mother.

What I Believe

  • Constituent service is my most important responsibility

  • Residents deserve communication that is frequent, substantive, and candid

  • Growth helps our City remain vibrant - but we don't demand enough from Stamford's developers

  • Solution-oriented decisions rely on evidence - not ideology

  • Greening the City is our legacy to our children

What I Will Continue to Do

  • Fight for our fair share of City services

  • Respond promptly to your requests for assistance

  • Communicate with you frequently on Board actions, upcoming meetings, and other City matters

  • Notify you on how I voted on Board matters and why

  • Hold developers accountable for doing what's best for the residents of Stamford

  • Promote environmental improvements in District 20 and throughout the City

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